Payment methods

We accept this payments:

Please read all information very careful we explaining here everything that you have to know about payment methods.

PayPal, credit cards, PAYZA (AlertPay change name), Western Union, MoneyGram.

PayPal - PayPal you can buy small quantities directly from our site for bigger quantities please contact us send us your paypal email (the same as login email) then will be faster because we can send you request as we read your email. In past it was AlertPay they change the name. It's the same as paypal. Contact us if you want to use this payment method we will send you request.

Western Union - Please note that Western Union offers the possibility to pay online with a credit card.
Please don't write and ask information for western union if you are not ready to buy. If you decide to buy please contact us for payment information. You will get this info Receive name, surname, address and country.

After you made payment with WesterUnion you have to send us this information.
1. Senders full name;

2. Country you making payment;

3. Amount you are sending;

4. MTCN numbers; (this number you will get from western union after payment was made)

5. Full shipping address;

6. What you ordered.

MoneyGram International:

It`s the same as WesternUnion but suggest lower fees.
Please visit this site and you can pay with MoneyGram online