Terms & conditions


 The website here at www.redbestoffers.com is wholly owned and operated by Red E-Shop co. We only operate and trade under the name RED best offers. We reserve the right to change the product labeling if deemed necessary, although the product specification remains the same.

RED E-Shop cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by use of Pure lab grade chemicals that is different than advised in the instructions for use.

With purchasing our products, the buyer declares:

To be at least 18 years or older.
To have read the order-information and terms and conditions carefully and to have understood it.
To only use Pure lab grade chemicals for legal purposes.

RED E-Shop can not be held responsible for orders that have not arrived due to:

If the address detail you give is incorrect in any respect.

RED E-Shop held responsibility for orders that have not arrived due to:

Customs delaying shipment.
Customs confiscating the order.
Loss or delay of the product by postal express services.

We don`t give discounts to discount items!

Refunds & Returns:

Furthermore, refunds or re-shipping because of incorrect address detail given, will not be possible until the shipment is returned to us, which can take up to 8 weeks.

RED E-Shop held responsibility for damage done to the product by postal express services or other third parties. If order was insured. Let us know if you want that we insure your order.

Your personal details will be handled securely to ensure confidentiality. Your personal details (order details, delivery details and payment details) are necessary for handling the orders and deliveries with precision.